Saturday, January 5, 2008

Yes it has been a while......

The crop was great, got to meet lots of new and interesting people. Shirley was by far the most fun a person could be, Christine and little Dylan were just the sweetest, and I really enjoyed myself.

I did get the Christmas craft gifts finished in time, but the last one was completed Christmas Eve so no time to spare. That was a quilt for my mother with pictures of the grandkids on it.

Things are now getting back to normal and I've been feeding my sock addiction by knitting lots of them!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Still here .......

Not posting much, I seem to forget! I'm busy doing secret sister at LM and some swaps at craftster and christmas gifts!

I really need to get moving on the stuff I need for the crop in MI which I leave for in about a week! I did get a pair of yoga pants made and started my secret sister gift. But, I still want to make a messenger bag that is good for travelling along with a passport/ticket holder, a wrap top and finish up my secret sister gift!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Christmas Crafts

Well, I'm starting to think about christmas crafts and what I can make. I've already started knitting Knitty's Anouk for either Amy or Peyton. I will be making dad some socks since he is impossible to buy for and Talya the illusion scarf and mitts with the skulls on them. And then sew some stuff, PJ bottoms for Ian, magic wallet for Ian, cushions for B, and magic bags for the girls. The big project is a quilt for my mother with pictures of the grandkids on it.

I am starting to see alot of myself in Talya. She loves to have fun and be out of the house, anywhere but home. She has a unique sense of style and doesn't care what others think. Even though she sleeps over at her friends frequently she will be going to camp next week and I know I will miss her since its more than just overnight. It will be my first week off on vacation, but she wants to go. I always wanted to go to summer camp and some of my friends did, but I never had the chance to. I really hope she enjoys it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Its August!

And I'm hoping for a much better month. I have 2 weeks of vacation so that should definately help!

I sent my LM secret sister her stuff this morning, finally, for some reason I couldn't get moving on it. I have everything ready to send to Sirus, just need the zip code. I've also signed up for another swap and will be knitting a little girls sweater, Briar Rose from Knitty, I'm not sure what I will be getting.

I'm not doing great concentrating at work, I feel like I need a break badly!

The girls are at horse riding camp this week so they drive over and back with me, its strange having someone else in the car. Its usually my 20 minutes of quiet time before I get to work or home. Yesterday we weren't even out of the parking lot of the stables and they were arguing. I threatened that it was a long walk home. I loved in Desperate Housewives when Lynette left the boys on the side of the road for arguing, its so tempting sometimes. LOL!

Friday, July 20, 2007


I joined a swap at craftster for unique names so I am having it done for Talya. My partner is having hers done for her nephew, Sirus. I find it hard to craft for boys so I have a long list of ideas and hopefully 4 will work out well. I think I will do him a hat, a room sign, and I haven't decided the others. It would be hard for me to do Talyas things since she'd be peeking. I want to try to knit her a skull hat and mitts for christmas, but I may have to figure out how to do it at work!

I am also working on a pair of bloo, from Fosters home for Imaginary Friends, mittens which is someones wish to have. I think they are cute, but probably wouldn't wear them myself.

I started a wist list, not much added yet, it seems to be mostly funky socks.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Okay, so it wasn't a vacation

I got a call from my sister early Saturday morning, first day of vacation, right? My grandmother had passed away. From there it was busy trying to get everything ready. My mother was basically useless in helping, like normal, my sister did help out a bit. There is no more suffering for my grandma, but I will miss her.

Onto some good news, I went to the orthodontist and can leave my retainer off for 6 hours a day now!

I'm working on a felted purse at the moment. I love how it is turning out. And I finally got a pair of pinking shears for my birthday, actually 2 pairs. I did take one back and bought some fabric with that $.

So its back to work today, lots to catch up on!

Friday, July 6, 2007

It's the Friday before vacation!!!!!!!!!

So about another 2.5 hours left and then I'm off for a week. No plans and I don't want any! Just to relax do some stuff with the kids and some crafts. It is suppose to be nice so maybe I can even do something outside.

I wanted to get some sock yarn today, but the stuff I want is out of stock until the end of July. I have a large enough stash that I definately won't be out by then, but its just nice to get it when you want it. I don't like having to wait.

My package to my craftster swap partner is suppose to arrive to her on Monday. I really hope she likes her goodies! It was fun to do. I want to join in more swaps and maybe even get some stuff to tuck away for christmas gifts. One of the swaps I want to sign up for and I really hope I have feedback for is the unusual names. Not so much for me, but for Talya. She's only ever had a placemat with her name on it and that was because it was custom made. Maybe we need to move to Cuba where her name is more popular?

So if I am MIA next week it will be because I am enjoying my vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!